Friday, 1 January 2016

End of Year Review (2015)

2015 was the first (proper) year of my new project, where I attempt to buy a souvenir mug from 80 different places around the world, before my current passport runs out at the end of August 2020.

But how did it go? How many new places did I visit? And "most" importantly, how many new mugs did I add to the collection?

So all in all I think it was a fairly/moderately successful year? Yes, I was hoping to do even more travelling. I was planning to go away in October and also for New Year. The plan was to visit Marrakech and Istanbul. Two places I have wanted to visit for sometime now. Unfortunately neither of those trips happened but I still visited a number of new and interesting places during 2015.

For someone who has done limited travelling up until now and is still to leave Europe for the first time; 2015 was a pretty successful year. But just how many mugs did I add to my ever growing collection?

The first trip of 2015 came at the beginning of April, when I was lucky enough to spend Easter with my friends family in Northern Italy. I had an amazing time and while I was there I managed to add two new mugs to the collection:


& Mantova

I then had to wait all the way until August for my next trip - but it was well worth the wait - when I visited the truly magical Croatia, a country I completely fell head over heels in love with and added three new mugs to the collection:



& Pula

Then for a short while, the mugs started to come thick and fast. First, while still in the middle of August, I took a little day trip out of London with my girlfriend Liliana and added another new mug to the collection, when we visited:


Then at the end of the month, we took our first trip together and I collected the final mug of the year, when we enjoyed a three day city break for two in:


So yes I was hoping to visit a few more places and add a few more mugs. After all I only have until the end of August 2020 to reach my goal of 80 mugs - and I'm currently on 15 - but all in all it was a pretty decent year, where I added 7 new mugs to the ever growing collection! :)

ps. be sure to click on the place names to go through to the original blogs and if you have any comments, then please do leave them in the comments section below. I'd love to hear about your experiences in the places I went to or your travel plans for 2016 etc. 

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